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Charizard was always my favourite pokemon...


Looks like she only has some features of Charizard, but that's alright. Her tail is quite close to her stomach, I would think it would burn her being that close but hey....Maybe being half Charizard makes her immune to heat or fire? Overall I like the picture. The only thing you could've improved would be the background. It seemed kind of bland to me.

This is so badass....It reminds me of the game, "Thing Thing Arena". I'm sure I'm not the first person who has noticed that, but eh.

In the picture it looks like you only used about four different colours and their different hues. The best part for me though was the cigarette. Not only is his head shaped like a potato, but he's also smoking. That's passion right there.

Back to the review....I really enjoyed this piece. Even among all your nudity masterpieces this still stood out when I first saw it. And for the colours? Like I said - four of them. Red, Black, White, and Yellow. Really liked how you made this one come alive by making the bullets shiny and going way into the details of things. Lastly, I must admire your desire of secrecy. You think I didn't notice the red aura around the FBI guys?

5 stars.

You're a great artist. I've looked at every single art submission of yours and haven't found a picture I didn't like. This picture, is especially unique. I don't know about you, but I'm really digging the on the far right.

This is one of the best submissions I've seen this year. Not only are her large teets appealing to the eye, but she's attractive and yet more so by the way she's spreading her legs. You really did a great job on this one man.

I really like your work...you're a talented artist for sure. I can't believe how realistic this picture is. You sure got all the light and dark values dead on. 5/5 for both you and Marley.

Ok, it is a really good drawing/picture you have here, but I noticed one flaw.

You see here bra? It's very tight and small and it looks as if you put her nipples are a little bit too high......the way you made it so no nipples would show makes the rest of her boobs look strange. I think that you should have put the nipples down lower on her breast, but whatever. The picture still looks great! Keep submitting more of your work and I'll be checking in to see more of it too.

Picture of John Lennon

This is the perfect picture. You are a very good artist and by examining my name, you can probably guess that I like walruses. I'm also a proficient Beatles fan and I actually got my name from the song, "I Am The Walrus".

This picture...was animated very well. It's cartoonish, but not sloppy. I'm guessing that you used some type of markers to colour it? I looked at your other work and noticed that you have a very prominent style. Like you don't do pencil drawings and then switch to paint or marker, you stick to just one technique. Your style for all your work is very similar. Keep uploading dude. You're good at what you do.


She really needs to trim her fingernails. Besides that, it's good.


This picture is tacky, good job! At first is looked like it was based outside in the city but now I see that it's inside his mechanic shop. Typical of a mechanic to have cluttered shleves, and and blues jeans with the slicked backhair....but no mustache? Every mechanic needs a mustache dude. xD I'm just kidding dude.
Great job! Love the orange sedan too. I don't know what you like drawing but can I suggest you something else to draw? Based on your genius colour schemes I would suggest that you draw a picture of New York, looking down on street view, displaying the heavy traffic aswell as New York's infamous taxi's. It's just a suggestion though. You can take it or leave it.

G-i-b responds:

If you have a look at my other stuff it's all pretty organic and I find drawing cars quite difficult, it was basically just an attempt to get a little more comfortable drawing more geometric stuff.


At last.....A picture that looks like real life. No more cartoon or anime stuff here. This is real good. I'm guessing from the looks of it and the colour that you used pencil? It's fantastic. Hopefully in the future you submit more work like this one. The only thing I would like to see more of would be the face. Beauty lies not only in the shape and body, but in the face.

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