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I like the video and song but it would be much better if the song had a rock guitar accompaniment.

"I could do that myself" lol pissed myself when I saw his impression

The story was awesome. Brilliant!

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Splendid Game

It was quite easy to beat all the levels, but getting three stars on all of them was a whole different story. I ended up getting the secret medal before I got the 108 star medal but I was glad to finally get both of them. This is a fun action/puzzle game that takes alot of strategy to get the last two badges. I really liked the different kind of weapons such as the tesla coil, toxic gas, atom bomb, etc. Surprisingly enough, I lay my hat down to you on this game. It's great. 10/10. Hope you keep making more great games.

Far out dude

I really enjoyed this game. It took me only less than 20 minutes to beat it but it was worth it. Good animated hand drawn graphics I'm assuming, and intriguing gameplay. I like the feature you put in at the Christmas tree puzzle when if you fail a certain amount of times, it gives you the option to skip it. This means that even the non-intellectual people will still be able to beat the game as fast. Overall this game was fun. Maybe consider making a spring 2012 one? That would be pretty sick.


As many other users have stated already, it is a hard game. But if you're hardcore gamer, this doesn't matter much because you'll end up spending hours on it and eventually getting better at it and beating more levels.
What I really liked about the game is the way it's linear. It keeps the game moving and keeps the action coming. You sure have to ready to dodge enemy attacks! I did enjoy the graphics and while playing I was wondering if you used anything other than just programming it manually. If so, what program?
Anyways great game. Hope to see more games coming like this one.

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This is a baked out song, nice work!

This sounds like Gordon Lightfoot.

EricK717 responds:

Yes I like Gordon Lightfoot. His song, If You Could Read My Mind is one of my favorites.

This track was creative to say the least. I don't play piano but I know from hearing it how good of a player you are. Keep playing. This song would fit in great in an RPG/adventure game.

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Charizard was always my favourite pokemon...


Looks like she only has some features of Charizard, but that's alright. Her tail is quite close to her stomach, I would think it would burn her being that close but hey....Maybe being half Charizard makes her immune to heat or fire? Overall I like the picture. The only thing you could've improved would be the background. It seemed kind of bland to me.

This is so badass....It reminds me of the game, "Thing Thing Arena". I'm sure I'm not the first person who has noticed that, but eh.

In the picture it looks like you only used about four different colours and their different hues. The best part for me though was the cigarette. Not only is his head shaped like a potato, but he's also smoking. That's passion right there.

Back to the review....I really enjoyed this piece. Even among all your nudity masterpieces this still stood out when I first saw it. And for the colours? Like I said - four of them. Red, Black, White, and Yellow. Really liked how you made this one come alive by making the bullets shiny and going way into the details of things. Lastly, I must admire your desire of secrecy. You think I didn't notice the red aura around the FBI guys?

5 stars.

You're a great artist. I've looked at every single art submission of yours and haven't found a picture I didn't like. This picture, is especially unique. I don't know about you, but I'm really digging the on the far right.

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