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I like the video and song but it would be much better if the song had a rock guitar accompaniment.

"I could do that myself" lol pissed myself when I saw his impression

The story was awesome. Brilliant!

It's creepy as fuck but yeah I agree with the crowd that the animation is no doubt, good...However it seemed more like a bizarre acid trip than a storyline-based animation.

HugoVRB responds:

Thanks! I'll take that as a compliment :)

This movie killed me it was so funny at first!!! However, it contains explicit verbal phrases and repetition of of sounds and phrases, as did the characters. I recommend more original writing and suggest you question your motive next time.

I love Wiz Khalifa. "Black And Yellow" is a great hip hop song.

Krutches responds:



I've never seen anybody with such a temper as Porsnorkulus before. I mean c'mon, the guy has issues here. He doesn't talk much, and if you say anything against him, he automatically reverts to killing you.

Look at that poor tiger. Even after Porsnorkulus chopped it in half, he proceeded in taking out his rage on it by blasting its head off. At this point in the movie, I just about nearly pissed my pants it was getting to be so funny.

Another part I enjoyed was when the big bald guy came to Porsnorkulus's camp asking to to him and then the guard kept making fat jokes. Then as the other guy walks up he whispers to him, "What a fatass...He's quite fat, isn't he?". I'm pretty sure that pissed the fat guy off. Then when he finally summons Porsnorkulus he finds him in his tent which is loaded with whores and Porsnorkulus seems kind of reluctant to come out.

All in all this was a great flash. The random anger outbursts by Porsnorkulus couldn't have been funnier.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! *Prosnorkulus


It's not a game, but it's quite a fine movie you've made. Very original too. I like how you made the movie so that it was in the first-person view and felt like it was a game.


That movie had a big emotional impact on me. It reminded of those movies where the girl finds a dog, and the dad doesn't want to keep it, but the dog and the girl really love each other, but then at the end the dog proves itself to be something etc. Great story though.

It was done quite well for a movie that didn't have any voice acting. The silhouette people in the red background really went together good. The stereotypical father figure was done perfectly too. I'm going to have to check out your other videos too.

So true...

Yes, that about sums it up. The only thing you need to improve is the play button at the beginning...It was somewhat difficult to actually get the black lines ti highlight and turn red to confirm starting the video. This could potentially ward away unpatient users. It's just a suggestion for the future to get it fixed if it's not too hard to do. Regardless, i still enjoyed the video.

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