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This is a baked out song, nice work!

This sounds like Gordon Lightfoot.

EricK717 responds:

Yes I like Gordon Lightfoot. His song, If You Could Read My Mind is one of my favorites.

This track was creative to say the least. I don't play piano but I know from hearing it how good of a player you are. Keep playing. This song would fit in great in an RPG/adventure game.

Good to see a good Beatles cover out there. The only flaw in your cover was the vocals when you sang the "so please, please, please, love me do" part. It seemed like you weren't properly carrying the note out - or you were carrying it too long. The piano sounded great and the whistling was neat too. I'm not trying to be harsh but I'll be honest; you have great talent, but next time try to make the vocals sound better.

I liked this enough to say this.......Keep working at it! Practice makes perfect.

I have the first Golden Sun game on GBA and this metal guitar cover you made is dead on! This song is the basically the trademark sound of the Golden Sun game as you're in battles leveling up most of the game. Really love your guitar playing on this - it's amazing. Nothing beats a metalized version of a classic GBA tune.

Love it! The dual guitar phrasing is perfect but it would be better if it was a whole song. When I listen to this, I hear the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. 4 stars for the licks and your guitar sound. I enjoy your submissions very much.

This one reminded of a worship song. I love the clean palm muted guitar. I wasn't expecting the sudden loud chorus and I like the way you faded it in. Overall, the song sounded soft and gave me a sense of happiness.

Nice submission. Sounds a bit like AC/DC and Jimi Hendrix put together. Has characteristics of British Invasion too. Has a good sound to it - the kind late 60's to late 70's sound. I don't think the guitar sounds too "trebly" however, Sawdust is right about it being more of a loop than a song.

Overall, this "loop" has great qualities that when I heard it inspired me to play more classic rock on my guitar. If that's you playing guitar, then I admire your skill.

Another Guitarist,

JohnLorique responds:

Thanks for all kind things you said, really happy to read it. It's true, this is kinda ACDC sound which i loved when i first made it, but i like it less now because i really wanna make some unique stuff and not just "steal" sounds around.

This song is quite trippy. Sounds like something you would hear in a sci-fiction movie or videogame. It kind of reminds me of the underground theme from Super Mario Bros at 0:50 - 1:23. I definitely liked it alot. It's amazing what you can do with the help of today's technology. I'm sure this would be difficult to play on guitar but it would be interesting to learn. Good job Scrotaculous, keep creating and uploading your music!

Scrotaculous responds:

Thanks man, I wrote it on the guitar if you want the tabs.

It does sound quite a bit like Pantera, but the intro sounded something of that of Megadeth's. The only quality about this song I don't like is that you heavily processed the guitar sound, making seem like the guitar was croaking like Bon Jovi did on Livin' On A Prayer. Were you using a talk box or did you just edit the sound on your computer?

Burn7 responds:

I have to agree with you on this, I kind of went overboard with the multiple EQ settings on my guitars here. They sound very crunchy and heavy, but also sort of lack life after that much processing.

Thanks for calling me out on this, the only way I'll improve is by having honest criticism. And I have to absolutely agree with this one.

Thanks for checking me out, and thanks for the review! :)

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